Monday, March 24, 2014

Come and visit our sound cloud for our podcast!

This is the QR code of our e-Project sound cloud page! Scan it with your mobile phone and you can listen to our podcast.
We are going to update our podcast QR code here so you can listen to them directly in a most easy way!
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We hope you enjoy our podcast!



By: Pablo Almansa, Nuria González and Emily Lau.
Once upon a time there were a sun and a moon which play with the Earth somewhere in the space. The Sun was always happy. Every morning he visited the Earth and everybody was glad of seeing him. The Moon was very naughty and she visited the Earth every night with a different shape. However, everybody slept when she arrived. She was very sad.  One day, the moon decided to joke people from the Earth.
“After this, they will see how funny I am and everybody will become my friend”  she thought.
So, when the Sun visited the Earth, she did so walking in front of the Sun. The Earth got dark and everybody was very scared. When the Moon realized of this, she went away very sad. The next night she was really sad and couldn’t stop crying.
“Why do you cry so much, Moon?”  asked somebody from the Earth.
“Nobody wants to be my friend. When I visit the Earth everybody sleeps and when I visited the Earth during the day, everybody ran away”
“Oh Moon! Don’t be so sad. What about lovers who kiss each other under your light or the poets you inspire? They don’t talk to you but they can’t stop admiring how beautiful you are.”
The Moon smiled and she decided to keep visiting the Earth every night and saw so many people who were watching her. So she decided to repeat her joke again but she told to the Earth this time and everybody went out to the street to see a beautiful eclipse. The moon was very happy now and what’s more, a man called Neil Armstrong decided to visit her in the space. So, the Moon wasn’t sad any more.



By: Pablo Almansa, Nuria González and Emily Lau.
Once upon a time there was a penguin in the North Pole.
He was always cold, so…
A Monday morning, he decided to put a bonnet on. 
 But he was still cold.


 On Tuesday, he decided to put a scarf on.
But he was still cold.

On Wednesday, he decided to put a pair of mittens on.
 But he was still cold.

On Thursday, he decided to put a pair of socks on.
But he was still cold.
 On Friday, he decided to put a pair of boots on.
Now he felt warm.

On Saturday, the Sun rose and he started to be very hot, so…

 On Sunday, he took all his clothes off.



Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Our latest movie trailer!


Hello everybody!

We are posting today to share with all of you a new project which we have been working on. So, we want to present our trailer for our e-project to you and here you have it.

We have designed this trailer with the goal of let people, especially children, know and feel the mixture of ICT and traditional stories so that they can realize how good the result can be.

From the very beginning, we wanted to combine ICT and reading and writing to take as much advantage as we can of all of these tools and thats one of the main reasons why we have created this trailer. We are sure and we want to show with the followings projects that it is possible to mix ICT and reading and writing; and, not only that, we also want to show how funny it can be learning through those tools that everybody likes and uses.

We are convinced that everybody will like this trailer a lot because it gives the chance of learning unconsienciously and without noticing anything. Children will only think about it like a game to have fun and they wont realize that they are learning lots of things related to two of those skills which are very important in any language.

We hope you like it!

Monday, March 10, 2014



All of us heard many times of ICTs and its importance in education, however, we never thought of all the possibilities that we can find in the internet which can be applied in the classroom. In fact we were scared by the time that we had to do a digital project because it was the first time we were involved in such a complex and demanding work.
Nevertheless, though we have cultural and personal differences, we have something in common. We love teaching, we all love stories and we are always willing to have new experience and keep learning. So we embarked into this adventure to the ICT island where we would find all kind of resources we would need to carry out this challenging e-project.
To start with, we brainstormed and decided to find out any kind of possible useful resources such as images, sounds, videos and so on. Then, we had to move into the most challenging step of the project: Creating a mindmap. It was a challenging task because in order to design it we needed to agree to the objectives, the stories we would like to work on and the assessment criteria we were going to follow. After a long time discussing, we finally came up with a mindmap with all the key ideas we collected that would support it.
Later on, we created a common webmix with a bunch of online resources we had found in order to organize the links we were going to use henceforth. Once we had organized all the materials, we opened a blog where we gave more information about ourselves and some useful links that our readers might use for their own projects. Our blog also held a creative common license because we considered that any educational material must be free and not being under commercial purposes for others.
Hence, we really hope all our readers enjoy this adventure as much as we are doing and to start their own projects to improve their lessons and encourage their students to use ICTs in a useful and responsible way.
We will keep posting more resources and materials and you will see our final project as soon as possible. Please be patient, because the best adventure usually takes a long way.


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