Friday, April 25, 2014

Putting the pedagody in the technology. By Joe Dale.

After assisting to the speach of Joe Dale in the 7th Virtual Round Table Web Conference in Language Learning Technologies ICTs We took some notes that we consider that are essential to take into account by the time we use ICTs for MFL classes.

To start with, ICTs are a current changer factor of the educational system. They offger a wide set of opportunities to develop learning in our students. Later on, J.Dale played a very interesting video that summarizes the features of Growth Mindset vs The Fixed Mindset that you can see here. In summary the Growth mindset defends that intelligence can be developed and it is not static. We as humans learn from challenging situations and critical feedback.

So, How can we use technologies to develop our students cognitive abilities?. First of all it is important not to see the use of technologies as an outcome. ICTs are another tool to lear which are useful to motivate students and get their attention. This said, the best way of combining ICTs with our teaching process will be following the 4Cs rules which are:

-Developing Collaboration.
-Developing Communication.
-Developing Creativity.
-Developing Critical Thinking.

Finally, although there were much more interesting ideas during the rest of the presentation it must be considered that by the time integrate ICTs the aims of this integration must be planned and purposeful, They must be part of the class routine, suppor curricular goals and learning aims and obviously engage students with the content.

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